Should My Mountain Bike Have Bike Disc Brakes?


When buying a hardtail mountain bike, you can often wonder whether or not to look for disc brakes. Now brakes on bikes have been widely used but sometimes, on mountain bikes, the whole set-up is slightly different. For some, they think they don’t really need any brakes and for others, they say it’s an absolute must. It’s hard to know for sure which way to turn so why not read on to find a few things that might help you clear the matter up.

Why Disc Brakes Are Necessary?

On many modern bikes, disc brakes are crucial elements and often found within them. You cannot blame people why they are now building bikes with good brakes as it can mean life or death for some in certain situations. However, mountain bike disc brakes really can offer great stopping power, more so than many standard brakes, even ones that were once regarded as ideal. Since they are found at the center of the wheel it’ll help keep them in better shape for longer and can prevent someone from getting hurt. Even an inexpensive mountain bike can have additional disc brakes to prevent a serious or nasty accident. They can actually be the difference between stopping at a cliff edge and skidding right off.

Should Your Bike Have Brakes?

While there are many positives to come from the mountain bike disc brakes, there are one or two little negatives. Firstly, these types of brakes tend to be heavier which can also increase the price. These are two key elements for most users today and it’s a worry. However, the brakes can actually help prevent a nasty accident and can be worth investing in them. Yes, you might think they aren’t really needed but there are times when they can come in great use. A hardtail mountain bike can be a great little tool to have but if there are no proper disc brakes, you put yourself into greater risk. It’s maybe wise to invest in the brakes and keep you safer than to dismiss them entirely.

Do You Like The Idea Of Brakes?

bikingDespite brakes being a good idea, a lot of people are not keen on them. For starters, they are more costly so that’s one expense a lot of people don’t want. Secondly, the brakes can often make the bikes heavier and again, it’s a little problematic. However, does that mean to say the bikes shouldn’t be used? Well, this comes down to you and what you like. If you think an inexpensive mountain bike with disc brakes is a good idea, why not use it? This is your choice at the end of the day. visit us now!

Getting the Quality You Want

Mountain biking can be a wonderful experience and a lot of people try it each and every day. There is something special about this of course and it really opens the mind to something new and exciting. If you are interesting in mountain biking, ensure you have a safe bike under you and ensure it has the best brakes. A hardtail mountain bike can be a great tool, just ensure it has the best brakes today.